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A natural approach to the treatment of wastewater
How Autoflow systems work
Autoflow natural waste water treatment
One Vermicomposting & Greywater tanks: Receive black & grey wastewater flows, filter & compost solids.
Two Batch reactor with dosing siphon or pump: Treats the water.
Three EVAPO transpiration field: Reintroduces water back into the environment.
Autoflow - A natural, environmental approach to the treatment of wastewater

Do you require onsite wastewater treatment?

Autoflow wastewater treatment systems are a unique, sustainable, environmentally friendly system, especially designed to utilize natures process in the treatment of wastewater. Solid waste is converted into humus by a living eco system of decomposer organisms (compost worms, bugs, beetles etc).

Liquid waste is passed through a series of filtration mediums before being dispersed into a planted evapotranspiration field, or soil infiltration system. Superior to a septic tank, more user-friendly than a composting toilet and lower maintenance than an aerated wastewater treatment system! (AWTS)

Would you like a treatment system that is:
  • Natural - is an ecosystem
  • Passive - requires no electricity
  • Aerobic - no smell
  • Sustainable - turns wastewater into a resource
Eco friendly
No smell
Low maintenance
Easy installation
Cost effective
Passive system